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Friday, February 15, 2008

An unfulfilling bias?

So, I never really watched the American version of "The Office." I mean, I loved the British version, but that may be attributed to my unbridled love of Ricky Gervais. Only recently--after I ran out of episodes of "30 Rock" to watch on nbc.com--did I even bother to watch a single episode of Steve Carrell's "The Office." I'm afraid I have been selling myself short. Turns out it's hilarious.

And, although I have to admire the restraint of Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant and their decision to call it quits after 2 seasons of their version, I kinda wish they hadn't. That's the beauty of the newer version -- it just keeps going. And that means many more seasons to rent from Netflix.

With that, my friend(s), I leave you with these words from my second experience with "The Office" American-style: "Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake."

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