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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid-Year Resolution

Yes, I know I posted like 3 hours ago. I had an epiphany. OK, not an epiphany. I was reading some "Member Lifesavers" over on workitmom.com and one of them was someone's New Year's resolution to keep her kitchen island free of clutter.

Well, it doesn't translate directly because my whole kitchen is roughly the size of most people's kitchen islands, but I would like to keep my dining room table (also used as a dumping ground, craft space, and food prep area) free of clutter. Starting today and lasting until the end of 2010 (and hopefully beyond that). I will get control of that space.

Also, what was that you said about "why are you going to workitmom.com when you have no children?" I like to think it's because I am constantly behind, and listening to the stories of women who have children to care for as well as themselves makes me feel better. Maybe even vice versa? I mean, I live alone and I can't stay on top of my laundry and dishes. How can they expect to when they're also caring for children?

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